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FMS History

How We Got Our Name

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Warren H. Frisbie was born in Anderson, California in 1897, and came to Rialto with his family at the age of three. He served in World War I, owned a Rialto hardware store from 1922 to 1944. He was a realtor and president of the Rialto Board of Realtors, and was Mayor of Rialto from 1948 to 1950.


Mr. Frisbie did an enormous amount of volunteer work to improve the lives of the people in Rialto and surrounding communities. He worked hard to help people get jobs during the Great Depression, and made great efforts to obtain state and federal relief money to help out during those desperate times. He was Post Commander of the American Legion: a member of the County Committee on School District Organization: on the Board of Trustees at Valley College for 22 years: president of Eisenhower High Schools American Field Service: president of the Rotary Club: a tireless worker for the Red Cross: a worker for the crippled children’s organization and the Arrowhead United Way Fund: a member of the Rialto Chamber of Commerce Committee which tried to boost Rialto for the site of a state college: and director of the Methodist Church Sunday School for many years. Frisbee Park was named in his honor.